Free gift of gratitude: Download Journey to Aztlan free today and tomorrow

I love to write.  Putting words together in such a way as to build a coherent thought to share with others is the great mission of my life.  When my fingers bang away at a keyboard, nothing else matters and I disappear into the world that I am creating through syllables and sentences.

The thing is, if no one, including me, ever reads what I write, then I have shared nothing.  Though I love having a writing life, I wouldn’t have one if it weren’t for people who read my writing.  There is no writing without reading and I am truly grateful for everyone who has ever taken time from their busy lives to read my collections of words.  It is for readers that I write; there’s no point otherwise.  I appreciate my readers: Thank you all for spending your time with me.

I’ve written a lot in my day, but to this point in my life, the most important thing I’ve ever written is my book, Journey to Aztlan.  I wrote this book to show people that there is hope for those who are stricken with Depression.  For me, I found healing by returning to the very source of who I am and I believe that if everyone does so, they will find their own truth.  Journey to Aztlan means so much to me because it’s literally a slice of my soul that I’m sharing with others.  Really, other than my family, it’s the most important thing I’ve done.

As a way to show my gratitude to my readers, I have made the Kindle version of Journey to Aztlan free today and tomorrow.  Even if you don’t have a Kindle, Amazon offers a Kindle Reader app for computers and for mobile devices.    Just visit my Amazon page and download Journey to Aztlan.  It’s a great read, both entertaining and useful.  Enjoy it at your leisure.

Time is precious and scarce: Thank you, everyone, for giving me the opportunity to do that which I love more than almost anything in this world by reading my words and taking time out of your life to do so.  I appreciate you more than you could ever know and I do hope you take me up on the gift of gratitude I offer you.  Thank you and may God bless and guide you all.