Green really is gold — my afternoon reflection


Green is gold, right?  At least, that’s what Robert Frost claims.  After my afternoon “decompress,” I think agree with him.  It’s been a busy day with more than the typical demands upon my time and headspace.  I was feeling a bit anxious and so needed to just take a quick walk.  Often, I bring my trusty D3300 along just in case something catches my eye.

Today I walked along the Santa Fe River.  The lightly rushing water was soothing; but the way the cloudy sky brought light to the leaves was a salve to my frayed nerves.  Some leaves jumped into my line of sight and I was kinda hypnotized by their sharp edges and rich green tint.  I set my camera to aperture priority mode and with a large aperture, I snapped away.

The stems seemed almost like beings – they almost felt like a type of mantis to me.  Above me were people hanging out, just enjoying the day.  But their voices almost made the stems and leaves seem as though they were speaking.

The light bounced off of the leaves and allowed me to just focus on them — even with the wind, they stood still for me.  Even though I only snapped pics for a few short minutes, the color and light and soothing sounds were my elixir and I can say that after my short break, things didn’t bother me as much. I love these pics, they are as soothing to me now as the actual leaves were.  I hope you see them and find your own sense of peace in them….