HB 55 2016 seeks to create HATE against the LGBT community. Find out why…

Over the last several years, I have watched how various “religions” have had a big hand in destroying people’s lives.  Now, sadly, legislators in New Mexico have drafted a bill for consideration in the 2016 legislature that would make it legal to for businesses to discriminate against the LGBT community on the grounds of “deeply held religions beliefs.”  HB 55 (you can read it for yourself,HB0055) seeks to allow business entities to refuse service to anyone they PERCEIVE as being gay or transgender.  That is, if someone even looks gay, that person can be legally discriminated against.  To me, this is an insane act of hatred.

It makes me quite sad to think that I live in a world where religion can be used as an instrument of hatred.  I mean, fundamentalist religions have always acted in hateful ways in the name of their “god.”  However, I used to think people have become more enlightened than seeking to legislate their hatred.  I have to advise David Gallegos and Nora Espinosa (the sponsors of the bill) that once they make oppression legal, there is a good chance that they will then open the door for other forms of discrimination, oppression, and hatred.  What’s especially shocking to me is that they both wear Hispanic surnames.  What’s to stop lawmakers form passing laws that would make it legal to discriminate against anyone even perceived to be Hispanic?

Christ transcended both physical reality and hatred.  Yet, many of his followers want to attach themselves to both.  They want the legal right to LOOK at someone and judge them.  They want to be able to condemn someone based upon their physical appearance, and for whom they choose to love.  Like ghandi, I love Christ, but I don’t like many Christians, especially those who are so blinded by their hatred that they want to use LAWS to be able to justify it.  Gallegos and Espinosa are trying to introduce a bill that legally creates a hateful world.  I can’t believe that Christ would want this type of legislated oppression.

We are all part of one soul.  We are all God’s creation.  However, to allow this law to even make it to the floor of the New Mexico House of Representatives would be to create division among us all.  To strike this bill down would be an act of love, acceptance, and tolerance because we could show that we really do respect life, ALL LIFE, and not the just lives that we deem, “ok.”  We must stop HB 55 2016 from being considered or we run the risk of becoming hateful fools.