Now that 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction is on the streets, I can proceed with plans for its educative mission.  Part of that mission is to offer  12 self-study continuing education units for clinicians who read it and then complete an online test that demonstrates gained knowledge.  I finished creating the online test; the book is available, all that remains is to gain approval of both the New Mexico Counseling Therapy and Practice Board and the National Association of Addiction Counselors.

I’ve already presented the idea to agency administrators and they have approved its appearance on the next board meeting, which is in early August.  As part of the presentation to the board, I’d like to present data that supports the viability of the self-study “course.”  In order to do so, I’d like at least twenty-five (25) test subjects who will complete the test and provide feedback as to the overall experience of reading the book and taking the test.

Therefore, if you have already purchased the book and would like to take the online test, please email me:  If you’d like to purchase the book and participate, I’ll sell it at a discounted rate of $10 per copy.  Once you have emailed me that you have read the book and would like to take the test, I will set up a user profile for you at the “course’s” moodle site and review your responses.  Once the board approves the course, I will then provide the twelve (12) self-study CEU certificate to you.

Please do participate and pass this request along to anyone who may be interested. Again, if you are interested, please email me: — thank you!