To me, leadership is the make or break ingredient to success in any endeavor.  For me, leadership is a personal goal that I hope to one day reach.  I don’t mean that one day I want to be the CEO of some company or another; I mean that I want to affect someone’s life in a way that he or she grows in one way or another.  It is painfully important to me to exercise every single talent, skill and piece of knowledge so that I leave the world a better place.

More often than not, people sleep under a secure blanket of ignorance and it takes a leader to come along and wake them up and shake them to their core.  Where would the world be if Dr. Martin Luther King hadn’t come along?  Who would we be as a nation if JFK hadn’t fought for the Civil Rights Act? It is my personal mission in life to one day become that type of leader: One who brings a person to a better place in themselves.  I want to bring people to that place that tells them that when they see an act of injustice, they know that not only is what they see an unjust act, but also that they can act against the injustice and in some small way, stop it.  I want to be the type of leader who teaches others that a title alone doesn’t bring them power.

Spiderman said it best, “With great power comes great responsibility” and leadership is about the responsibility to make followers better.  They should become better at their gigs, better in their lives; a true leader should make others just better.  There is nothing more important in any given context than leadership.  It is not only my personal goal, but for me: Leadership is a way of life that I hope to one day lead.