Maybe God was lonely?

I think that God must’ve been a lonely or bored energy being.  Why else would he/she decide to go off creating everything we know?  What, exactly was the motivation for creating something as complex as life as we know it?  Not to mention that God had to create time and space and all the intrinsic properties thereof.  I mean, really, was God just kind of hanging around in the great nothingness hoping something would happen to relieve him/her of the boredom of being everything and everyone?  And when nothing came along to relieve him/her, he/she just decided to make everything from scratch.  It would be pretty lonely and boring, come to think of it, being the Alpha and Omega.  What’s really funny is not only did God create all life here on Earth, but he also created for him/herself a good old-fashioned arch enemy in the heavenly realm.  That’s a lot of creative energy.  I’m impressed because I know that I could never do it all.  Nor could I handle the pressure of all the responsibility that comes along with creation.  The most I hope for nowadays is just not being something else’s breakfast.

Speaking of Satan, he really is the ultimate ingrate.  Here’s a spiritual body who’s given the cushy job of being the eternal instigator and still he bitches and moans about not getting enough respect from God.  But it is my honestly held belief that God and Satan are the oldest of poker buddies.  As a matter of fact, they are more than likely the very first pair of poker buddies.  I can see them sitting around a table, smoking whatever it is that eternal spiritual bodies smoke cooking up their next scheme.  But Satan has to be a pretty dumb guy to continue to take God’s bets.  Really dumb.  God already knows how everything is going to turn out.  I know I would never bet against God.  And you’d think that Satan would learn his lesson.  Take Job, for instance.  Satan was given carte blanche to try and ruin Job’s faith in God and couldn’t convert.  To paraphrase, “So, I bet I could make your faithful servant Job stop being your faithful servant, once and for all.  Call.”

“Your on, your evilness.  Full house.”

“Damn.  All I had was a pair of threes.  You win again.”


God won the hand, the whole poker game, and the bet about Job.  Satan pretty much screwed poor old Job, and drug him truly through hell on Earth.  But, in the end, Job remained faithful to God and was handsomely rewarded.  As if God didn’t know all along.  Wink, wink.