I’ve been spending some time researching the viability of psilocybin (the active ingredient in “magic mushrooms” as a safe pharmacological intervention for Addiction, Anxiety, and Depression.  I’ve written about a study that suggested that psilocybin effectively aided in smoking cessation (the post is here).

Now, the University of New Mexico published a study that suggested that psilocybin was shown to be effective and safe in the treatment of alcohol dependence (the abstract of the study is here).  While the study didn’t have a large sample base or controls, self-reports by the participants strongly correlated psilocybin administration with less cravings and less alcohol use.

As a substance abuse treatment provider, it may seem contradictory for em to research and write about magic mushrooms.  But I’ve seen how pharmacological interventions can be of great use and efficacy in treatment.  I can cite at least 2 of my recent cases, one an opiate user and the other being an alcohol user, who have been consistent in their use of Suboxone and Vivitrol, respectively, and who have both shown to have cut back on both street opiate use and alcohol. However, Suboxone comes with its own “kick” and vivitrol is toxic to the liver. If we can administer a med that is safe, effective, and natural, I think that route of treatment should be explored.

I’m not suggesting that we should all run out and become magic mushroom users, but I do think if something can be used to treat Addiction, we should use it.  ‘Shrooms could be another weapon in the fight against Addiction, and as Malcolm X said, we should fight by any means necessary.