NM-Based Outfitter Launching high-grade line of T-Shirts!

I am absolutely THRILLED to invite everyone to the launch of FS2 Supply Co.!  This newly formed outfitter is launching its New Mexico based line of high grade T-Shirts at the Bloody Maria Fiesta hosted by the Cities of Gold Casino and Resort in Pojoaque, NM this weekend, July 15th between 12 and 7 PM; and, July 16th between 11AM and 7PM.

While the Fiesta itself will feature a car show and various cocktail and other vendors and entertainers, I am most proud and interested in the launch of FS2 Supply Co.  This NM-based business is the brainchild of noted Graphic Designer, Eric Griego (his “other” venture is his design graphic company, Firestik Studio, check it out – he’s designed the cover for 3 of my books, including the award-winning 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction.  His design was a large part of why it won!).  In looking at his T-shirts, I am thrilled that they capture the essence of what it means to be Chicano in New Mexico.  My personal favorite is the “Mi Barrio,” which means “my neighborhood” and is EXACTLY what NM is to its native residents: The neighborhood within which we live and work and play.  We are all part of the same barrio and this line of T-Shirts not only captures this connectedness that we all share, but the T-Shirts also provide really cool design sensibility.  Hell, those T-Shirts will make even ME look good….

So, my dear readers, do yourself a favor and check out the launch of FS2 Supply Company this weekend at the Bloody Maria Fiesta.  The shirts cost $22 bucks (plus tax, damn government); pick yours up and display your pride in being a New Mexican!  If you aren’t fortunate enough to be from here, pick one up anyway and we’ll adopt you into our barrio!!

BTW: Please keep your eyes and browsers peeled for the FS2 Supply Co’s Website coming soon: www.fs2supplyco.com!!