I wanted to remind everyone that there are three (3) ways to earn free continuing education credits (CECs) through this jblea1016.com:

1.  Read any article posted to jblea1016.com and answer the following questions (worth 2 CECs per article):

  • About what article or articles are you writing (please list the article names)?
  •  How did the material impact you?
  •  Will this material help you in your practice?
  •  In what way(s) does the material relate with what you understand about addiction or other covered topics?
  •  Why or why not was the material meaningful to you?
  •  What other topics would you like presented on the Blog of Aztlan?

2.  Read Journey to Aztlan (either in Kindle format or printed, can be purchased, if you haven’t already, from Amazon) and answer the following (worth six (6) Diversity or Ethics CECs):

  • In what ways does Journey to Aztlan show that language can be used to heal someone?
  • Do you think Aztlan, as described in Journey to Aztlan, exists inside every person? Why or why not?
  • Does Journey to Aztlan provide any insight into Depression?
  • How is culture different from ethnicity?
  • In what ways can you see Journey to Aztlan being useful within your practice?
  • How can you better use reflective journaling within your practice?
  • Describe your thoughts about the “maroma/somersault” chapter.
  • On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest), how would you rate the book?

3.  Complete the workbook for the Model of Contextual Leadership (the eBook can be purchased from Amazon) (worth six (6) Diversity or Ethics CECs):

Workbook is here: Contextual Leadership Workbook

Really, these are no risk, no cost ways to gather necessary CECs.  Just send me the responses to the questions (or your workbook responses to jblea1016@hotmail.com.  There are two (2) reasons I offer these CECs for free: 1) I want as many counselors, therapists, and social workers to discuss the mechanics of Addiction and cultural considerations thereof; and, 2) I learn and improve in going through the response reviews.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I KNOW that it’s my life’s mission to participate in the education process by any means necessary.

While there is work involved, I think these are great opportunities to gather necessary CECs.  I do hope as many people take me up on this offer as is possible!!