I’ve built my life believing that this is a fair and just world. I’ve heard it said, literally thousands of times, that life isn’t fair; but I’ve never wanted to believe that statement. Today, my foundation has been cracked and the hope that I once had that Santa Fe, NM could be a great city is now severely compromised.

Without a doubt, I also have always believed in second, third, and even fourth chances. God knows I’ve made too many mistakes from which I’ve tried to atone and learn. But, Santa Fe remains a city mired in corrupt politics. I realize that no one’s perfect; but, I also think that if someone has wronged an organization like the City of Santa Fe, he or she should have the character to: 1) admit their wrongdoing; and, 2) humble him or herself and step away and let someone without ulterior motives carry leadership weight. Doesn’t seem likely to happen.

Just a few minutes ago, I learned that a person who was simply bad for my City was appointed to a leadership role, probably because of political connections. I watched this person do unethical (at best) and illegal (more likely) activities while on City payroll.   But now, he’s back about to provide input that I have no doubt will benefit him more than it will benefit the City of Santa Fe.

Before today, I had hope that Santa Fe would capitalize on its vast resources of untapped talent. But Santa Fe politics being what they are, it now appears that a dried-up and useless well will be accessed to rebuild a city that’s losing its soul. Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” I know, for a fact, that the problems the City faces were in part created by the recent appointment. Our problems cannot be solved by the thinking that created them.

In terms of Santa Fe, perhaps it’s for the best that our talent leaves. Our leaders simply don’t know what to do with it, anyway. I still believe in a fair and just world, at least that’s how I’ll conduct my own life. But, in so far as trying to wake Santa Fe from its coma, I think a flat-line is on its way. It’s a sad, sad day.