If we don’t recognize beauty, our souls will starve

Building a healthy life isn’t just about working out or eating right.  While both are crucial, if we don’t recognize

Thank you to Turning Point Recovery for a GREAT DAY!

Yesterday was one of the top 5 professional days I’ve had in my entire career!  I gave a presentation entitles,

Changing our own actions CAN LEAD to change in an addict

We can’t fix anyone else — this is true.  However, we can allow change in others to emerge IF we

My prayer for addicts and their families on Holy Thursday

My heavenly Father, As you enter your passion, please allow me to share your walk, as I try to share

Understanding Addiciton's payoffs can help relate with Addicts

If someone asked me to play a game of tennis, there’s absolutely no way I could accept.  I’ve never played

Outskirts Press announces 49 Tips & Insights for Understanding Addiction, the latest highly-anticipated Addiction Education book by Santa Fe, NM author Juan Blea, MA, LADC.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 28, 2016. Denver, CO and Santa Fe, NM – Outskirts Press, Inc. has published 49 Tips