My prayer for addicts and their families on Holy Thursday

My heavenly Father,

As you enter your passion, please allow me to share your walk, as I try to share the suffering of those who struggle with Addiction.   I don’t have the answers, but I am certain that with your light, those who seek your name will find your divine presence inside their souls.  I pray, Father, not that you alleviate the suffering of this world, but that you allow us all the strength and courage to face our suffering because I know that in facing our suffering, we can find our way through, with your guidance.

For all of those souls who are lost to heroin, I pray that you pierce their blinded and hardened hearts such that they realize that the path to which they are bound only leads to more and more suffering until death is the only absolution they find.  Please give me insight so that I can be your representative and help those who are overcome by heroin, alcohol, crack, and any other substance that removes them from your light.  Help me guide them to health.

I pray, Father, that you comfort families who are plagued with worry and fear and hopelessness. Touch their hearts so that they can hear your voice through their own wilderness.  I am only a man, but please make me your instrument, as you made St. Francis.  Provide me with St. Michael’s sword, and Christ’s all-encompassing Love.  I will use those gifts to heal those souls who may seem lost.

Thank you Father for the opportunity to see and hear You.  Thank you for the fight in which you have placed me, for it is my mission to bring honor and glory to Your Name.

I ask all this, in thanksgiving, to our Lord, Jesus Christ.