The heck with a certain Santa Fe bookstore


Yesterday, a Santa Fe bookstore owner slapped me in the face.  Well, not literally, as she is an older lady and if she had actually slapped me, I doubt that I would have felt it much.  Really though, I would have preferred that she would have slapped me, as what she did do way pissed me off.

As any writer knows, readings and speaking engagements are the best way to sell books.  Ever since my new book, 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction hit the streets, I’ve been doing all I can to line up readings to support it.  While I’ve landed a few, yesterday was a huge disappointment: A Santa Fe bookstore owner actually said these words in an email, “Unfortunately we are not able to offer Mr. Blea an event as we get some 20 requests a week.  His website sends potential customers to Amazon for purchase exclusively and our distributor only has it available with no discount, non returnable.  As you know, Amazon is in business to put independent bookstores out of business and we cannot promote their books for them.”  My anger at this message was based upon the flat out lie that I offer the book EXCLUSIVELY.  While the book is offered at Amazon, I direct potential customers to the Outskirts Press website.  I should say, however, that I used to direct potential customers there.  But, thanks to that message, I’ve decided to take matters into the only business hands that matter to me: My own.

From now on, I will sell books DIRECTLY through my blog.  The book’s cover price is $14.95, but if anyone buys it from this site, the cost of the book will be $12.00 with a flat $3.00 for shipping for a total purchase price of $15.00.

So, please do buy the book, as it will lead to places inside yourself where your truth exists.  You will learn about the way both Addiction and Recovery work and you will not be disappointed.  Just click the “Buy Now” located at the sidebar…