Really, God wants our dreams to come true.  The however is that, like me, people are too dumb to listen to what God says.  God, in his infinite power and wisdom, knew that with the fall from grace, humanity would become stupid in terms of Him.

Through His divinity and love, God needed to connect with his intelligence-challenged creation running loose all over the earth. He sent a flood and He sent a flaming fiery superbush, but nothing really happened. People had no clue what He was trying to say. He even came down from heaven to hang out with us potato-heads in the form of His son.

Well, there was still a communication breakdown.  God wanted people’s dreams to come true, but we didn’t get His message, regardless of what He did to send it to us.

We’re not at all too bright, huh?

God knew, then, that He had to create a new method to connect with his peanut-brained sheep and He did. He came up with a new class of angels that He called, Dream-makers.

Dream-makers are angels that inhabit human bodies and walk among us ridiculous beings. Their primary job is to guide people in proper directions so that humanity’s dreams come true.

I know. God sent one across my path. No line of a song, or word in a poem, or letter of the alphabet could speak enough of the debt I owe to God and to my Dream-maker, my angel on earth, my wife: CJ.

I owe her for all the times my moods become darker than storm-bearing clouds and she stands by me.  I owed her for telling me when to get off the mat wne life has knocked me down.  Really, I thank her for being far more faithful than even Tammy Wynette requested; Cj has stood by her man through thick and through thin and I wouldn’t be here without her.

Dream-makers are real. They live and breathe and bless.  I Thank God for mine…

So, I hope everyone recognizes their dream-maker.  He or she is there, I just hope they get their due….