The Addiction Problem should be everyone's cup of tea.

On August 4th, I will be reading from my book, 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction if you’d like to buy it before hand, please do so by clicking the “Buy Now” button located at the sidebar of this post), at Page 1 bookstore in Albuquerque, NM. In addition to reading from my book, I will be discussing the “ins and outs” of substance abuse and its treatment protocols.  I really can’t think of a more relevant topic; it seems that almost every day some aspect of substance abuse impacts communities and destroys lives.  What’s kind of frustrating is that, while we can all agree that DWI and heroin addiction are “bad” for our society, there’s still a lot of apathy with regard to the whole issue.

Recently, I was featured on a local radio show.  Before one of the commmercial breaks, the host actually said, “We’re here talking about Addiction, if it’s your cup of tea, please come back.” I was shocked that he said that — with as much press as addiction receives, you’d think that addiction would be a pretty common cup of tea.   But, I think his statement really does indicate that addiction is a problem that is “somebody else’s” problem to solve.  That is, while it’s clear that DWI is deadly, I don’t really hear anything from the general public regarding possible solutions.  I really do think that as long as people aren’t directly impacted by some aspect of substance abuse, they just don’t really care.  I mean, they might shake their heads upon watching a 20/20 special about heroin addiction, but they won’t get involved unless someone they love is addicted.

Not sure why this apathy exists and I’m not all that sure how to break it down.  Because I’ve lived a life adversely impacted by substance abuse (I grew up in an alcoholic household), I figured that all people cared about solving the Addiction Problem.  I even wrote 49 Tips and Inights for Understanding as a tool for people to face the problem directly.  But, after six months, sales aren’t that great and the response isn’t what I expected.

So, I’m hoping to be proven wrong.  I hope that at least 20 people attend my August 4th reading.  I know Addiction is a dark and dirty topic, but if it remains to be a “cup of tea” that isn’t for everyone, it will get worse.  We all need to come together to solve the Addiction Problem, otherwise, the Addiction Problem will kill us all.