A B-day tribute to the best person I know


I write a lot about the ideal person we should all strive to be.  The reason I write about that ideal is that I have the distinct privilege of spending every day of my life with the human ideal — my wife, CJ.  Today is her birthday and really, SHE is the gift to SO MANY…

Really, without any doubt, she is the best person I know.  She hasn’t had the perfect life, but she has faced it perfectly.  That doesn’t mean she’s perfect, but it does mean that whenever she’s faced hard times, she’s done so with courage and hope and with the brightest smile God ever made.

That’s not to say that she’s never sad; because of her deep soul, she feels things in a profound way.  However, her light shines through, even in dark times and although I am quite well-read and educated, she has taught me FAR MORE than any other situation I’ve ever been in.  I’ve seen her lift an entire room’s spirits, just by being there.  It’s almost as though SHE IS pure energy harnessed within a human shell.  She’s NEVER turned her back on those in need, even when she could walk away, she doesn’t.  Because of my life’s mission, she’s accompanied me on several occasions when the circumstances were dire.  But, having her by my side has always fueled my fight and allowed to carry forward.  If I don’t have the energy to engage, she does and I feed off of her strength and fight on.


A few months back, we were in NYC and although she was seeing it for the first time, it was instantly clear to me that SHE was the main attraction in New York.  Her smile lit the joint and brought things to life.  I’d swear the Statue of Liberty was try to jump off of its pedestal to give my cj a hug.  Her natural flirtatiousness captured the place and every tour guide and hostess and driver was enamored with her presence….

So, today, my love, I offer a small tribute to you; I want to offer the world a glimpse into the light God gave me.  I pray you a happy day and I promise to do all I can to support you so that you can be the goodness this world needs.  Love you, Amor.