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The definition of leadership I use, everyday, is: The contextually appropriate, social distribution of power.  What this definition means is that it is a person filling a leadership role should seek to recognize ever-changing landscape of which he or she is a part, and delegate as much as is possible, based upon the situation at hand.  But, the leadership style a leader uses depends upon the situation.  There are times, such as during a crisis, when I leader must be directive and task-based.  However, during times of creative growth, a leader must create an environment such that the team he leads is empowered such that they are self-directed.

I believe that in my life, almost every role I fill is a leadership role.  Really, any role in life can be a leadership role.  Just existing means that we should “lead our own life.” I can understand why the question may emerge: Why should you listen to me?  Well, the truth is that I’ve seen the abyss of despair and I managed to climb my way out of that horrific pit and become a writer and teacher and substance abuse counselor and…

I think you get the point: You should listen to me because I am no different than you and, while I may never be a financially wealthy person, I am blessed and rich beyond my wildest dreams.  Mine is a life that I wouldn’t trade for anyone else’s and I am grateful and thankful for every breath I take.

I made a choice, a long time ago, to write things that can better this world.  Though I’ve written and published novels, I strongly believe that Journey to Aztlan is the most important thing I’ve ever written.  It really is a story that can help heal wound in that have festered in people, plus, it is proving to be a strong piece of literature in its own right.  I really think this book can change things for the better.

So, if Journey to Aztlan is the story of me becoming the leader I know that I am, then The Model for Contextual Leadership is the way I did it and the tool I use to learn and become a better leader.  It’s also a strong course in leadership.

For the next two (2) days, I’m offering the Kindle version (don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle, as they say, Amazon has a Kindle Reader app for PCs, tablets, and phones) of The Model for Contextual Leadership for free.  I think it’s combination of leadership psychology, artificial intelligence, and critical pedagogy provide a huge resource for anyone who seeks to lead others.  But, before anyone can lead others, he or she must learn to lead themselves.

In taking the time to read Journey to Aztlan and The Model for Contextual Leadership, a person will gain an understanding that it’s possible (and probable) to change lives for the better.  I hope you get your copy of each.  You really will be thankful that you did,