Life presents so many opportunities to commune with God’s creation that there’s not enough time in the day to experience it all.  On my way home to grab a bite, I saw this hawk on a light pole and I didn’t even notice how blue the sky was or the number 25 sticker under the light.  All I saw was the hawk.

Reviewing the photo, the sky and the hawk’s talons stick out to me; the sky was a perfect backdrop for a hunter to find its prey and its talons are the perfect weapon.  The energy of the hunt appeals to me because we all have to hunt for our own path.  Just like the hawk learns to hunt through the instinct of using its senses, we all have the same opportunity to look inside our own souls to find the path God destined for us.

It can be hard to hear own inner compass, but it’s a skill I believe in very much.  I don’t know why I have this fascination with hawks, but I don’t have the words to describe the rush I feel when I’m lucky enough to witness one.  When the hawk and I made eye contact, I literally felt a connection; I wasn’t sure if it would charge at me and set aim upon my eyeballs.  Nor was I certain that it would continue to allow me to take its picture.  But it looked at me and must not have seen me as a threat, as it stayed perched on its hunting spot.

I can say with certainty that in some way, God is present in all of life.  His energy flows through all of life.  His image is always around us and if we let ourselves be channels of His life force, we too can find Him (or Her if you’re so inclined).  I do my best to see God’s image in all of life, human or otherwise.  If we let things be and open ourselves to life’s beauty, we have the opportunity to learn about the connection we have to all of life.  I see it in the hawk’s eyes and I feel it in the sky’s blue vibrations.  In that moment when the hawk and I made eye contact, there couldn’t have been enough rosaries to capture the prayer that happened in that moment.  I count myself blessed to sense life’s true force in moments like I had with the hawk.  It is in those moments when my certainty of God’s presence is reinforced.