I don’t carry around too much fear, but crystal meth does in fact scare me.  The main reason why it gets to me so badly is that I neither understand it, nor do I tend to see it too much.

Mostly, I encounter alcohol or opiate addictions.  I’ve spent many years learning about black tar heroin and I’ve lived through a family history of alcohol addiction, but crystal meth, though prevalent, doesn’t enter my scope too much.  What I do know is that it’s a powerful drug associated with strong physical dependence.

I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can about crystal meth and how to treat it.  The thing is, opiate and alcohol addiction require medical care as well as behavioral care.  That is, opiate and alcohol addiction can be treated with medications and counseling.  But, as of yet, there isn’t any medical intervention available for crystal meth addiction, even though its physical component appears to be just as strong as it is in opiate/alcohol addiction.

There is a clinical study underway at UCLA testing the efficacy of a drug called Ibudilast, but the results haven’t been published yet.

This fact sheet: methDescription, does provide good information about how crystal meth works and how it impacts its user; I found it useful as an intro to the drug.  We have to do something to rid our world of this crappy drug and I am open to suggestions or thoughts about how to treat addiction to crystal meth….