My framework for critical reflection

role reflection framework

I value reflective writing very much.  It’s at the heart of everything I teach and learn.  To me, it’s easier to start reflecting from within a role (role-based reflection is at the heart of psychological empowerment) than it is from the overall perspective of our layered and complex lives.

The graphic above provides a framework through which you might be able to come to understand a particular role in your life.  In understanding it, you may even come to value it.  Or not.  You might also decide that the particular role may be a bad fit for you.  Either way, though, at least you’ll have a framework from which you can base decisions that are from your own perspective.

As usual, the tools I provide only work if they’re used.  Plus, a teacher only has value if someone learns from him or her.  At the end of the day, I provide tools, but only you can learn.  I do hope you try this role-based reflection framework.  It helps lead to being more committed, creative, and independent.