I talk and teach a lot about goals and about how if a person can name a goal and then make steady and measureable progress towards that goal, then that person will achieve the goal. In hearing myself and reading my own words, I’m reminded of a writing conference session I attended several years ago in which the presenter said that though he was providing a strong blueprint for writing a book, few attendees would actually follow his plan.

He was right; I didn’t take his advice. Though I’ve written two (2) books since then, I have no doubt I’d be further along had I taken his teachings and applied them to my own writing life. Plus, I figure I need to show how goals work, rather than simply write about them. To that end, I am starting a writing program today. I’m following the plan laid out in a book called, “90 Days to Your Novel,” by Sarah Domet. The goal of this writing program is to complete a draft of a novel in, well, ninety (90) days.

Through the lens of “SMART” goals, I believe this goal is viable: the goal is Specific because there is a hard product that should come of the program; the goal is Measurable because I should be able to see how far I’ve come by sticking to the writing assignments laid out in the book; the assignments seem to be Achievable, as long as I actually do them; I am a writer and have written a novel before so the goal is Relevant; and lastly, the ninety (90) days provides a Time-box in which the goal should be completed.

My plan is to do the exercises included in the book and write a post about my progress. If the assignments are share-able, I’ll do so as well. I figure I should take my own advice and flow through the SMART goal process as a means to show others that goals can in fact be achieved. Stay tuned.