New approach to Addiction treatment, part 2

The sad thing is that, though the Collective Capacity is universal, not everyone accesses, feels, believes, or even wants to partake of what it does.  Because death’s negative energy is prevalent, despair grows within a person and replaces all choices towards life.  Despair takes many forms, but its essential function is to isolate a person from the CC and therefore, from love itself.  Despair, when stripped to its essence, is the abyss that looks back at a person when a person looks at it.  An old saying that I like is, “When you dance with the Devil, the Devil doesn’t change; the Devil changes you.”  Despair, then, is the abyss that develops inside a person and if a person looks into that despair, the despair looks back at them.  Sometimes, despair derives from an external source, sometimes it derives from an internal source, but it is always developmental; that is, it develops inside a person over time and through a person’s normal day-to-day life.  The person stuck in despair then needs to protect him or her self from this despair, if they can’t handle what the despair sees in them.

This protection comes in the forms of denials.  Denials are, effectively, masks that a person uses to hide from facing the despair that has welled up inside of the core of his or her being.   The greatest danger of these masks is that they often become projected onto those unfortunate to be around the person affected with despair.  These projections then lead to further isolation, which then leads to hell on earth: the immutable and permanent life without love. Life for those who live from the fetters of their denials are living through masks that prevent life.  Most people see suicide as an end to one’s life and while I agree with that definition, I see two types of suicide: 1) Acute; and, 2) Chronic.  Acute suicide is what is commonly meant: a person commits a sudden act that end’s his or her life.  Chronic suicide, however, is when a person destroys his or her life through bound choices until the moment of his or her last breath.