Structure and process are the keys to success

I seem to run into the same wall over and over again: If people (and/or organizations) could just do two (2) things: 1) Structure their activities towards a positive goal; and, 2) Define and follow a process of conducting those activities, they will achieve their goals.  But, again and again, though I even provide “roadmaps” for those two (2) things, people just don’t change.

It often seems that when it comes to finding structure and defining process, people simply find it too hard to do.  I mean, when I really sit down to develop a program or write a book, I have to be very clear with myself about what it is I want to accomplish and then devote time and energy towards my stated goal.

What I find interesting is that someone with an addiction is very habituated and ritualized towards the object (or process) of the addiction.  The set and setting of the object’s use almost guarantees that the addiction will persist.  In fact, breaking the ritual, set, and setting is part of any solid treatment program.  I think what’s lost is that the flip side is also true: If we want positive things to emerge, we also have to habituate ourselves using the same concepts of set and setting and then ritualize our behaviors.

Having recently realized that writing, for me, is the thing and whatever outcome that occurs is secondary has made me acutely aware that, as long as I write, every day, I know that regardless of anything else that may happen, I acted towards my life’s goal of becoming a professional writer.  Whether or not I actually become a professional writer is beside the point.  What’s important, I’ve learned, is that for my own purpose, I must write, every day.

So, for me, the goal is to become a writer; the structure is setting aside at least an hour a day to do nothing but write (not research, not outline, not plan) and the process is to approach the keyboard the same way every time: With the purpose of knocking out no less than five hundred (500) words per session.

I encourage everyone to find goals, structure, and process around any aspect of their lives.  I can’t tell people what’s the best way to do something or what the right goals to pursue are, but I can safely say that, once the goal is defined and once the structure and process is in place, acting within the structure while using the process will lead to the goal’s realization.  So: Good luck and happy structuring….