Thank you to Adrian Gomez for lighting the fire of interest

There was a fire along the shoulder on I-25 Northbound yesterday.  I was traveling southbound down La Bajada when I first saw the smoke.  Once I reached the flames, I was compelled to pull over and snap some pics, as safely capturing a wildfire, however small, is a pretty cool opportunity.  Although I was a safe distance away, I could feel the heat and I could only wonder how that fire was started.

This morning, the Albuquerque Journal ran an article where both my book 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction and the symposium at which I’m speaking were featured (check out the article HERE).  I want to send out my deepest gratitude to Adrian Gomez, the Art Editor at the Journal, for doing what he can to light a proverbial fire to help generate interest in both my book and the symposium.  It’s a great privilege for me to get any press; as a local guy, it’s hard to get interest and for Adrian to write a flattering piece literally warms my spirit and energizes my efforts.

So, to Mr. Gomez, I say, “THANK YOU! I truly appreciate your efforts on both my books and the symposium’s behalf!  Our community is enriched by your efforts to feature local authors and events.   Thank you for doing what you can to light the proverbial fire of interest….God Bless you always!”