Thank you to those who fight addictions — 2CEUs

Supporting someone in recovery isn’t for everyone.  It takes an emotional toll to ride out the ups and downs of someone who’s trying to eliminate what’s become his or her strongest relationship from his or her life.  When it comes to the recovery business, there’s not a lot of material compensation to provide treatment and advocacy to those who need it.  But, I have to step back and remind myself that it isn’t about receiving, it’s always about giving.  Still, I get to be a part of something bigger than me: It’s like I get to be a foot soldier in a cosmic and spiritual war.

And I do form relationships with fellow brothers in arms.  We become comrades bound together against a hateful and deceitful enemy.  I relish those moments when I see fathers fighting for their sons souls.  I cherish the times when I watch a mother warm and hold her daughter as she’s withdrawing from an opiate addiction.  I savor the love that emanates from a son who’s picked up his father from rehab.  They are my tender comrades and although those moments aren’t about me, I receive vindication about my belief that people are at their core, good.

It’s really no cliché that love can conquer all, even the most heinous addiction.  I’ve attended funerals for people who have died due to their abuse of various substances and I am always amazed at how much those people were loved.  While there’s always those people who judge and make irresponsible and hurtful comments about the deceased, there’s also always at least one person who loved the person lying in a casket with every ounce of his or her being.  I know that if it was up to that person, no resource would have been spared in fighting off the deadly poison that had long since invaded their loved one’s life.

Though at times fighting substance abuse disorders and addictions can become heavy, I have to thank those who fight with their entire being.  It’s from them that I derive the energy to pick myself up and re-engage.  There’s always times when I think that I can’t take on one more fight, but then I’ll hear a story about someone who overcame his or her struggle thanks to the efforts and love of one special person.  I can say with certainty that, although progress can often be slow and hard to measure, efforts towards recovery are never wasted.  Each positive step decreases the negative energy associated with addiction and I have to say to those warrior angels who pick themselves off the mat time and time again: Thank you. You are the motive force that permits me to take arms every day of my life.  I feed off of your hope and believe again when I’ve lost faith.  Don’t ever stop fighting the good fight.  I can say, with certainty, that your efforts will pay off and there will be healthy results from the time and energy you spend in working to get someone’s life back on track.  It may take some time, but it will happen.  Thank you.