The White Man's Training program has got to go

White America isn’t about ethnicity or race or economics. It’s about power.  White America doesn’t gangs or guns or drugs. I believe, wholeheartedly, that White America fears people of repressed circumstances learning enough to become individually or collectively strong.  Through revocation of art, through revocation of literature, through revocation of music, through repression of curriculum in any other language but English, White America does its best to stop kids from identifying with anything that’s unprescribed as proper academic teaching or proper means of identification.

White America shouldn’t be placated or comforted.

It should be shaken to its core so that it realizes that its stranglehold on this country is loosening.  It will be better if it awakens willingly. No more stupidity.

In order to change, a system must be ready for the change to happen.  If a system operates towards a goal, even if the operation is faulty, the system will continue to operate along its defined path.  Public school systems are in no small way flawed; however, there is no reason to change anything.  Whatever we may want to believe, whatever I want to believe, this country is basically running a “white man” training program.  The hidden message of this society is that those who can’t grow up to be good white men, need to be in the military, where at least they can die for all the people who became good white men.

What is a good white man? Well, first, a good white man must read and write almost exclusively in English.  Second, a good white man has to believe in Protestant Christianity, born again or otherwise.  Third, a good white man must love money above all else and must seek to make as much as he can in a lifetime.  If those three conditions are met, then there is sufficient evidence that a person is a good white man and the school system has succeeded.

Again, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an ethnicity or gender issue.  Anyone can become a good white man.  A converted Muslim from Iraq could be a good white man, if only he’d see the error of his ways accept the message that anything other than the three big criteria is bad.

I’m not sure who’s fooled by the message, but the school systems cannot change unless the good white man curriculum is thrown the hell out the window.  It’s not an issue of testing or tracking, it’s an issue of culture and power. As long as the myth that everyone can become a good white man is allowed to perpetuate, there is no need for any change.  The U.S. is the most powerful military/industrial country on the earth, and I don’t see the good white man giving up the controls to that power any time soon.