There IS a link between heroin addiction and demonic possession

It was a typically cold late-December afternoon, which meant the heaters inside the facility were on full blast. So much so that I shed my top layer and walked into the session wearing a simple T-shirt. I didn’t know the client with whom I was meeting; since I did crisis counseling, I often was called in randomly to meet with clients who were in distress and thinking of leaving rehab. Most of the time, I was successful in mitigating the crisis and convincing people that their stay in rehab was a blessing that they should appreciate. But from the first time I saw him, I knew that there was no way I’d be convincing him of anything. In fact, what happened convinced me that heroin addiction can DEFINITELY be a portal for demonic possession.

You read that correctly: Heroin addicts are ripe for demonic takeover. While there are many people who disagree with me and many more who think that there’s no such thing as demonic possession at all, I have no doubt that demonic possessions are real and that heroin addiction allows connection to malevolent spirits. On that particular December afternoon, I watched a man’s eyes turn blacker than obsidian when he saw me. The room should have been warm, but was at least 20 degrees colder than the hallway. But there were two (2) things that scared me in a way that I hadn’t experienced prior to that day: 1) his breath gave off the odor of rotten flesh; and, 2) the words he used coupled with the sound of his voice.

Many people who are detoxing tend to carry the most pleasant of odors, but his breath wasn’t human. It really was an odor of death and decay and was worse than anything I had ever smelled. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t just his breath, but his body stunk in a way that not even a carcass-filled dump could rival. I’ve been around a lot of gross stuff in my time, but his stench was simply evil. I did all I could to not gag and dry heave, but I wanted to.

When I asked him about leaving rehab, he simply stared at me with his black eyes. Really, they looked straight out of a cliché horror movie, but they were real and had nothing in them. I saw no semblance of life in his eyes; for a second, I thought maybe he was blind and that they were glass. But when he finally spoke, I had no doubt that he saw me because he referenced the color of my T-shirt. He said, “Your shirt is as black as the hole where my soul once was.” I got chills when I heard him speak; his voice was gravelly, deep, and harsh. I did my best to continue the session, but he only made evil comments about family and friends and I was so freaked out that I ended the session abruptly. He wasn’t just a heroin addict freaking out about detoxing; his former self was lost to what I can only describe as an evil spirit.

In the years that have followed that session, I have spent an inordinate amount of time looking for a connection between heroin and demonic possession. Because I live and work in Northern New Mexico, I have ample samples from which I can learn. And I think I have found a basis for my suspicion. Heroin addiction creates a “bizarro” version of a person that has lost personal will to the drug. That is, a long-time heroin user feels “normal” after using and becomes anxiety-ridden when not using. This anxiety creates a person whose only purpose is to use more heroin. There is no will for any other purpose. Because of the lack of personal will, a heroin addict seeking heroin is both fearful and unprotected against spiritual forces. An exorcist told me, recently, that there’s no such thing as an innocent possessed individual. In some way, the possessed person invited or allowed a demon to enter his being. A heroin addict will agree to anything to get heroin and when done through an exposed mindset, could even agree to evil.

I have quite a lot more work to do, but because I have seen many heroin addicts, I can safely say that there is definitely a link between heroin addiction and demonic possession. I will continue to gather hard evidence of this link, but I am certain that demonic possession is real. I have seen it and will probably see it again.

  1. I realize there is much to debate about demonic possession, which goes back centuries. As a Christian, I do believe in evil spirits and the use of prayer is my shield. Some people will scoff, but this is a scary story you told.

    1. Ok so i am a herion user on n off for 6 years now i am on methodone but still have days where i use .but i dont need it so i dont understand y i do it

      1. To add a little more information about myself i tend to be obsessed with death I’m obsessed with murder I’m obsessed with watching different YouTube videos about ghosts and demonic possessions and Satanism Exedra and I’m not sure if this is a part of my addiction or if this is just the person I am I study mortuary science earlier in my twenties I have three children now I am divorced and like I said I fight each and every day and like I said I still find X when I want to use and I don’t have no reason to because I’m not ill and I’m just wondering if this is a sign of a demonic Spirit or another entity or Spirit trying to convince me or making me have these feelings of wanting to act 1 what I’m feeling and thinking I just wanted someone else’s input because I can’t really sit and talk to my family I can’t really disclose that type of information besides to my counselor so that’s why I’m reaching out to you guys on the internet for help and for advice when this topic because a lot of people don’t believe in demonic possession a lot of people don’t believe in spirits a lot of people don’t believe in the afterlife however me being 29 years old I do believe that Catholic bored and razed and so are my three boys and my mother had an addiction all her life throughout my entire childhood and now here I am fighting addiction as well so now you have a little bit of input on me as a person and my life and my trials and tribulations that I’ve been doing with in my 29 years of being on this Earth

        1. Brook, I am a 27 year old female. No kids, never married.. but that’s where the differences end. I’ve been on the liquid handcuffs for almost a year, and a fentanyl addict for almost 5 years. I truly do believe there is a connection with opiates / and addiction in general. Recently, I have been obsessed with the occult and New Age stuff, I think my demons are literally controlling my mind. It’s very scary stuff, and I’m at the point where I’m desperate enough to finally repent and fall to my knees asking God to heal me. It’s literally the only way I have truly heard for a withdrawal free deliverance.. but then again AA & church literally freak me out (think this might because of the spirits making me feel this way) but I was actually raised in a Christian family, and cam pin point my “down fall” when I let a bad friend beggg me to try it once and was how I first got into the addiction and time of extreme sin. Ugh it’s so tiring living this way :/

      2. Keep on fighting the addiction u are going through the right path pray to God ask him for strength and for him to help u overcome this spirit of addiction (my suggestion go to a Christian Church that does spiritual deliverance they know how to deal with what I ate going through trust me after that deliberation your whole life will be transformed for the NB est but remember not to leave god behind aand form a relationship with him😃

  2. Mr. Blea … I too believe it because I have seen it on many occasions since 2006. Inhuman eyes, contorted, staring straight at me, so evil, so full of hatred.The body I recognized, because I gave birth to her 45 years ago, but the personality I did not know. What was this “thing” that had taken over my only child’s mind? There was only one answer and it was pure evil.

    Bless you for what you are doing. Will see you Tuesday @ SFCC.


    1. Wow, your description about the physical appearance now makes me think that the actual using of heroin/ fentanyl / or any drug of choice is a spirit itself! ..When high on opiates, people look possessed almost.. but the eyes are pinpoint, rather than diluted. yet in photos of people when high on heroin/opiates, does not look human in my opinion/ & I myself, an addict, know I definitely look strange, uglier and not mortal when I’m using.. and also personalities change to Exactly how you describe

      1. Your body and mind tricks you into thinking you need it to feel better but it all actuality there are spirits of demons that we can not see only feel many people don’t believe these can of spirits can live inside u if u give them legal ground to stay in your life u have to address the addiction weather alcoholism crystal meth heroin marijuana acid opiates etc,. .and cast the put in the name of Jesus Christ go to a church wich believes in the deliverance of demons most Christians non domination churches believe in that kind of things itight seem odd and strange to a few people that are not aware but as and ex opiate and crystal meth addict I was seet free by all the oppressions these evil entities called demons were tormenting my life and making me feel miserable without no happiness such in a world that only God could have set Mr free…u should ask Jesus to come into your heart and ask him to be your Lord and Savior and u will start to see the mercy miracle and love God has to offer and set u free and give u the happiness and peace u been yearning for😉

  3. Juan I came across this blog because I have been searching for people or stories who are similar to mine. I dont yet feel comfortable sharing on the internet what I have experienced mostly because of fear. But you wrote about addiction and demonic possession and I really would like to speak with you to further and help you with your research on that subject matter.

  4. As Halloween approaches, I have been doing research on ‘witchcraft’, specifically the version from the Greek ‘pharmakeia’ (I’m sure you recognize the root of several modern words), in order to help address related drug problems in teens and young adults our church come in contact with. I am very happy to find information so current. To today’s youth, last year is like the previous millennium is to older generations; old news, old stories, bah humbug.

    Simply, thank you for being current in the information age. Someone out here is looking and listening and trying to pass it on to those that desperately need it the most. And sadly, watching a society drown deeper in an epidemic of evil not only based on the old time favorites like heroine, but a new breed of designer drugs as well. You have to wonder if some modern ‘chemistry’ is having more than a little help from the other side of the veil.

    If it might help in your own research and work, note that Jesus never attributed the existence of the fallen angels and demonic forces as being equal or the same type of entity. So the question throughout theology has been, what are/were they? If you go back to Genesis 6, you’ll see where the fallen angels tried to corrupt man (among other reasons) by creating a half-breed creature with human women. After the flood of Noah, these dead creatures of half spiritual & half human merging left disembodied spiritual forms with nowhere to go until the final judgment. I wonder if your future encounters with the possessed will reveal additional information that can be used to help them, knowing ‘what’ it is that presents itself to you. It’s just an idea.

  5. I found this article because I was searching for this very question. At the lowest point of my former addiction I felt like I had an evil ravenous wolf in me (it’s kind of hard to explain) and it was a battle of will between me and it. I have a lot of writing from that period about it. Also I have read that these kinds of drugs can create holes in the Etheric body (or aura) that can allow negative forces in.
    Another idea about it I have had is that heroin creates a lower vibrational level than all your adverage Joes. I noticed a lot of weird scary people when I was using, and I had some odd experiences with a couple of people that felt and looked and acted not human. These were not other users, they would just pop up in normal places, for example a bus stop.
    Also here is an interesting article from a theosophical perspective-

  6. I am 72 got married a year ago she is 31 she scared me took me for thousands and every thing I owned the as people care about no one and nothing at first I thought I could help her but their was no hope these people are from another world and I believe this 2016 was a year of living in hell.

  7. I found this while looking to see if addiction could be caused by DEMONS… Being the devil’s drug is what my husband is desperately trying to steer clear of at this moment… But the last relapse he had he actually choked me to leave the house … He’s never had to lie to me but this was bad … Then he was sent to jail for three and a half weeks and has been home a week today … But the anger I see in him when he gets jittery is so scary and acting as if he doesn’t care has never been him in any way… He hasn’t used but something bad is inside him and though nothing scares me… This does because I don’t want anything to happen to him …. I pray every day… But he ran the other day to get it out of his system… I’m afraid he can’t outrun this and we are seeking treatment for this addiction… Possibly the vivitrol shot… I just hope he can hang on till the 25th…. But in short … I agree there’s definitely something going on and I don’t think it’s just drugs ANYMORE… He is beautiful inside… I just want his smile back…

    1. Mindy your story this hit right at home the love of my life is so lost w his heroine addiction, I feel like I have lost him already, but something inside tells me to fight for him, I used to have dreams that this woman will come between us not realizing that it was a damn demon. Very scary stuff I wish u the best with your marriage & the recovery of your husband.

  8. I stumbled across this site as I am searching for the names of certain demons, specifically one’s of addictions. I agree with your article here but I also tend to believe that all addictions, alcohol, pain killers, cocaine and any drug addiction, that the individual is susceptible to demonic takeover. I want to get the names so I can rebuke them by name.

  9. I’ve seen a person do a shot while in the bathroom and when they came out they were possessed by a demon. Her eyes were rolled back and she was demanding sex from me. Prayer and fasting people………

  10. Hello, my son is addicted to drugs. Do you have any suggestions how I can cast this demon out of him? Any particular scriptures or verbiage? Thank you

    1. If your son is possessed (and you’d really NEED to see a professional) I don’t recommend to undertake the exorcism on your own. Every Catholic diocese has an exorcist; that’s where I’d turn….first, though, I’d recommend that you see both a medical doctor and a psychologist such that you rule out anything organic….may God bless you….

  11. Last time I used I woke up to a drilling in my forehead ,my shields came back online and I thought I had dropped a cigarette on my toes. Then I saw a face with glowing eyes smash into my visage . I read about it and found they use tendrils . Scientists under a Nazi regime conjured heroin. Stay natural. Much love

  12. Very interesting article. Any person who is outside the grace God especially one who abuses his or her body is vulnerable for demons to control every aspect of her or his life. When a person is under a substance & continuously abuses it that individual is not on his or her senses leaving a vacuum. This is a serious matter not only between life & death, but pus the soul in jeopardy of internal destruction. I know because I love someone that abuses heroin & had told that he feels he is possessed.

      1. I haven’t and if I tell his family they might think I’m crazy or something, i haven’t seen him over a year we just talked over the phone once in awhile, but he did told me he feels his possessed that sometimes his not himself. I truly believe that because I feel he got worsed, but thank you for your input.

  13. I’m not speaking of a demonic possession in the sense of a demon that makes my friend do drugs, but a full on demonic possession that changed his appearance and makes him speak in low deep evil tones and almost speak in tongues. It is the craziest shit I’ve ever seen.