Top ten reasons why you should get a copy of Journey to Aztlan

  1. You’ll make Juan Blea very happy!!
  2. The Kindle version is free today and tomorrow {That’s SO CHEAP! The average price of a gallon of milk is $3.55… $4.75 if you’re lactose intolerant! What else will provide entertainment and lasting knowledge for FREE?! Nothing – that’s what!}
  3. About Journey to Aztlan, people say:

“So many people have struggled with depression or addiction or know someone that has. This inspirational story provides hope and faith for everyone. Especially powerful is the realization that we all have the beauty and peace of Aztlan within us – we just have to find it”

“In his book, Juan takes the reader through his quest for healing. Through this journey, he finds strength in is identity allowing him to use his skills (guitar, computer, and writing) to achieve self-fulfillment, happiness, and ultimately love.”

“Juan Blea learned to cope with depression by using the power of writing. His grandmother taught him how to make dreams come true. Blea doesn’t hesitate to share these skills with people trying to heal their life wounds through his book and workshops.”

  1. A reviewer from South Africa said “So What?” and he needs to be shown: That’s what!
  2. You’ll make Juan Blea very happy!! (Worth mentioning twice and really, isn’t it great to make someone else happy?)
  3. You’ll see that that Depression can be overcome
  4. You’ll learn a bit about Chicano mythology
  5. The Kindle version is free today and tomorrow {Should be mentioned a few more times, it’s THAT great a bargain}
  6. You’ll be inspired
  7. If you’re a counselor, therapist, social worker, you can get Six (6) FREE CEUS after reading Journey to Aztlan! {Here’s how: Journey To Aztlan CEUs}

To get your copy: Juan Blea’s Amazon Page