Wanted to share some praise for Journey to Aztlan!


I wanted to share some praise I’ve received for Journey to Aztlan.  As a writer, it’s quite fulfilling to receive these types of comments.  If you haven’t read it yet, do yourself a favor and read Journey to Aztlan. It may change your life for the better!

“Journey To Atlzan provides an insight on how depression and life struggles can cause a battle within the mind . Everyone can relate to the writers experiences in this book. So many people have struggled with depression or addiction or know someone that has. This inspirational story provides hope and faith for everyone. Especially powerful is the realization that we all have the beauty and peace of Atlzan within us – we just have to find it. Great Book!”

-Caryn Fiorina

“Not only is it a personal story about overcoming depression and addiction, but it is a honest account of how one person found inner strength in order to develop the skills necessary to combat self doubt, oppression, isolation, and depression leading to his addiction. At some point in life, most of us suffer from at least one of these ailments. For some, like Juan, this can lead to the painful choice of life or death. In his book, Juan takes the reader through his quest for healing. Through this journey, he finds strength in is identity allowing him to use his skills (guitar, computer, and writing) to achieve self-fulfillment, happiness, and ultimately love. Juan writes with courage, strength and determination to share his life’s lessons in order to help others in despair. I learned a great deal about myself from this wonderful book. With out a doubt, Juan Blea has a gift, and he uses it through this powerful book, to inspire all.”

-Deanna Torres

“Juan Blea learned to cope with depression by using the power of writing. His grandmother taught him how to make dreams come true. Blea doesn’t hesitate to share these skills with people trying to heal their life wounds through his book and workshops. The word on the street is this is the guy to get to if you wish to restore your powers to grow and change. I just pray that Blea can stand up to the avalanche of people needing his help.”

-Richard Quis