The leadership model upon which I've built a successful career

contextual leadership model

I wanted to share the model for leadership that use in every context that I lead. This model requires two (2) things: 1) that a person becomes “situated” within his or her role; and, 2) Roles within any context know how to negotiate and communicate with eachother. The outcome of using this model is that people within this type of context become more committed, creative, and independent.

The basis for this model is the research I did to build the model; in the years that I’ve used this model, I have created successful teams that meet their goals and objectives, even if they hadn’t before using the model. Really, because of this model, I KNOW that people have all they need to be successful. They just need the appropriate framework in which they can operate.

For the background info, you can check out my eBook: A Model for Contextual Leadership. It really provides a good course in, not only this model, but in Leadership as well. If you have any questions about how this model works, please just let me know. It has really worked for me and I’m certain it can work in any context.