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Dang, talk about a kick in the head: I just got a negative review on Amazon for my book Journey to Aztlan. Just as a sample of the review, someone named Eddie from South Africa said, “Juan’s story is told in a factual style, almost like a history book. I didn’t find myself drawn in or even sharing any emotions. The question most often on my mind was in fact ‘So what?’” He might as well have met me in a back alley and kicked me square in the stomach. He even titled the review, “Boring.”

There was more to his review, and he did give it two (2) stars, which is better than just one star. But, while I realize that I may in fact get some bad publicity, I do have to take issue with the “So what?” question that Eddie from South Africa posed. You see, Eddie, I get that you didn’t enjoy the book, but I suffered greatly with Depression and if I can climb out of the pit of despair, then I believe with all that I am that anybody who struggles with Depression and Addiction can do the same. I’m no one special; as a matter of fact, I think the power of my story as I shared in Journey to Aztlan is that there is hope and that Depression doesn’t have to be terminal.

I’m actually glad that Eddie took the time to write the review; it’s a good opportunity to awaken my fighting spirit and rise to defend my book. I could see a “So what?” if it was a work of fiction, but it’s not. Journey to Aztlan is my true story of overcoming something that led me to the brink of suicide. It’s not that I think it’s perfect or that I’m perfect, but it’s important that I share my story in the honest hope that others find the strength to find hope inside their own souls.

I hope more people purchase and read Journey to Aztlan; if so: I double-dog dare you to say, “So What?”

You can read Eddie’s negative review (and other good reviews, at my Journey to Aztlan Review Page.