First the iOS app — then the importance of project management

So — after 3 years, I’ve finally jumped out of the dark ages and gotten myself “connected!”  It would appear that someone who’s spent his life building software would have been the first to grab a smart device and blog from anywhere, anytime.  But I didn’t — instead, I prefer to write with a pen and paper.  But, my wife bought me an iPad mini and now I’m up, up, and away…

I decided that my first real post of the month would be from my iPad using the WordPress app for iOS.  So far — so good.  My son lent me an iHome BlueTooth keyboard and writing this post is pretty dang easy peasy…since I love to blog, I can’t be happier: It’s as if the ball and chain has been removed by the magical forces of the wireless universe (well, not completely, the keyboard wasn’t fully charged so I’m still kinda plugged in, but still)…cool stuff!

The thing is that I saw a Morgan parked. I didn’t know what a Morgan was so I took a picture:

I had never seen a car that seemed like a cross between a motorcycle and a classic race car.  But after looking at it closely, I KNEW that it had to have been a restoration project.  And guess what?  There was probably a project manager involved.  You see, managing a project means providing structure to objectives that lead to demonstrable results.  THough I have no clue how to restore a car, as a project manager, I know that if I surrounded myself with experts who know how to restore a Morgan, I could create the plan and build a car like this.  Project management is a set of tools that allow things to come to life.  I am thrilled to be able to bring things that didn’t exist into life, simply through listening and applying the things I’ve learned over the years.  Anyway, here are some more pics to review — as you do, try to remember that along with the engineers and craftsmen involved in restoring this amazing car, there was a project manager involved to tie it all together…Did I mention that I DIG this app!!!

Some more pics: