I will wake people from their ignorance


I realize that most people revel in their ignorance. I’ve heard that it is bliss, after all. I also get that people would prefer to sleepwalk through their lives, unaware of even the demons haunting their own souls.

But, I do not care about people’s need to remain asleep. I have no interest in putting away my pen. I will continue educating through any means necessary that the mechanics of Addiction and Depression can be learned and disrupted. I will continue to write that self-awareness gained through directed journaling can improve people’s lives. In short, I will continue to do all that I can through both my God-given talents (however meager) and through the education that I’ve earned to wake people from their ignorance.

Yes, I get frustrated that it feels like no one’s listening. Yes, it sucks sometimes to learn about witers who I’ve met and worked with that have gone on to lucrative careers as authors. And, yes, I would love to be a force for positive change for as wide an audience as possible. But, in spite of a lack of audience, and in spite of my envy of other writers, and in spite of my frustration, i will continue to do what I can to learn and teach ways of eliminating suffering. It’s my mission to fight and not accept this world’s darkness and no one’s apathy or waking-nap will stop me.

Only when the last breath has left my lungs will I let the ignorant sleep.