I wrote it for you

I hate it when people I disagree with turn out to be right.  But, at least I can admit it.  When I was getting ready to release Journey to Aztlan, I had an argument with a marketing firm I was working with about the classification in which my book should be placed.  I chose, “Autobiagraphy,” because that’s what the book is: It’s my autobiographical account of the way Depression developed in my soul and how I overcame it.  They didn’t like that classification, though, because, according to them, no one really cares about my autobiography because I’m a “nobody.”  Turns out, they were right.

It’s not that I think I’m a “nobody.”  However, people are drawn to celebrities and when a celebrity writes (or has someone write it for them) their autobiography, people want the gory details.  I am no one’s celebrity.  I don’t live in a mansion nor do I have servants.  Really, I’m an ordinary, average guy who lives each day the best I can.  I work, I hang out with my family, I catch a movie from time to time, and I sleep.  There’s no one who can say I live a glamorous life.

But that’s the strength of Journey to Aztlan:  It’s about an average guy who struggled mightily with Depression who found his identity in his culture and overcame his struggle.  Really, if I can do it, I believe anyone can.  There’s nothing special about me.

At a recent reading I gave in support of my book, someone asked me, “Why would you put yourself out there like that?” Other than the catharsis of writing it, revisiting and re-living some of my deepest horrors didn’t seem like a big risk.  But, people thought it took guts to read and share my stories.  Maybe it did, but I wrote it so that others could see that they don’t have to be stuck in darkness.  Nor do people have to turn to substances for comfort.  I believe with every fiber of my being that we all have a divine component to our life and once we tap into it, we can overcome and achieve anything.

Therefore, I wrote this book for you.  I wrote it so that you could see life is an opportunity to live in goodness and in hope.  I’m not perfect and I’m not endowed with any more talent or looks or anything than anybody else is.  I am a “nobody,” but I love my life nobody-life.  I love getting up and facing each day, even if it’s frustrating.  I will never have this moment again…no one will.  And if a “nobody“ like me can arise from the pit of depression’s Hell, then anybody can.  No one may care about my struggle, but I’m certain you care about yours.  So, then, I wrote this book for you: There’s always hope and the very fact that we’re alive, right here and right now, makes us all somebody. Even a nobody like me is somebody, after all.

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