As the weekend gets underway, I’m certain that many people are awakening to the fear that comes with loving someone who is addicted to drugs.  As a reminder to everyone, my book, 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction, is available and really can help alleviate that crappy-ass fear. I’m sharing a blurb about my book that comes from a flyer:

Substance abuse affects people in all walks of life. 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction provides valuable information and practical exercises that will help readers understand the development and progression of substance abuse, as well as treatment and recovery. This educational book will show readers how to approach addiction from a place of compassion and love rather than judgment and anger. It exemplifies Juan’s mission to teach addicts and their loved ones how to cope with the vagaries of substance abuse and help them move closer to healing themselves and their relationships. 49 Tips and Insights is intended for anyone who interacts with addicts, including families, friends, therapists, and addiction specialists.”

I think the quote is a great description about the book and, while I can’t guarantee anything when it comes to treating addiction; I CAN say that understanding how YOU feel about things can help lessen any negative emotion around those things.  The exercises in the book are meant to provide that understanding…

I do hope you get yourself a copy of the book….please check out purchasing options here: 49 Tips and Insights

Also, if you’ve already read it, please do let me know if you agree with the quote — your opinion really does matter to me!!