This book will teach you that you have the power to face Addiction

Here’s my pitch: If you buy 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction, read it, and do as many of the exercises as you can, you will be both prepared to handle Addiction and be much more inoculated from Addiction’s negative emotions.  The truth that most treatment providers aren’t too apt to share is that we don’t have all the answers, BUT, you probably do.  See, every person on the planet is equipped with all the tools they need to face their respective life circumstances.  But for various reasons, people don’t know that and can end up addicted to substances as a result of not handling their life’s circumstances very well.

The goal of therapy, in my opinion, is to guide people to the best, healthiest, version of themselves.  There is no prescription for achieving that goal because there’s no one BEST path towards health that works for everyone.  However, if we take the time and make the effort, we CAN find the answers we need about the questions we face if we mine our own lives and understand what we truly believe.

That’s why I wrote and published 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction.  It’s not only a great resource for learning the basic mechanics of both Addiction AND Recovery, but it’s also like having a bunch of therapy sessions rolled into one place.  Really.  The sections are meant to provide information that’s useful in learning about what Addiction is and how we all can relate with it better and the exercises at the end of each section are meant to create knowledge that can be applied within the reader’s life.  I’ve written and created a lot of good work in my life, but this book is the best.

The reality remains, though, that no one’s life changes without action on an individual level.  If you are struggling to deal with Addiction (either your own or someone else’s) nothing will change if you don’t change it.  You do have the power to find health, but if you don’t act, you won’t ever use the power you have.  49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction really is a useful tool in developing your power, but only if you buy it, read it, and do the exercises.  If you buy a hammer but keep it locked in a drawer, how can it help you build a house?

49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction is $14.95.  If you prefer a PDF, you can download one for $5.00.  You’ll find purchasing options at this page for the book: 49 Tips and Insights.  I do hope you buy it. It’s a shame that such a strong tool isn’t being put to use in your life.