Want a tool that you can use to improve your life?

I’ve written and published 4 books, but I can’t say that I’ve done a good job of promoting them.  Part of the reason why I haven’t been out there pounding on doors about my other books is that it’s hard to convince people to buy something that they may not need.  However, over the last few days, two (2) things have happened that have really made me see just how important my book, 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction, really is.

The first thing that happened occurred at a coffee shop in Downtown Santa Fe.  A woman requested a copy of 49 Tips and Insights, but didn’t want to wait, so I sold her one of my copies.  She wanted to talk with me for a few minutes about the situation that provided the motivation for buying the copy. I agreed to chat for a while and gave her the book.  There was a long line for coffee and while I waited in line, she began reading through the book.  When I finally returned to my buyer, she shook her head and said, “Holy st, man! These exercises make you think!” She went on to say how much she thinks it’ll help within her situation.  But her reaction to the reflective writing exercises really affirmed my own thinking and belief that, if people read the book and do the exercises, as much work as they are, they really will understand far more about recovery than before they read it.

The second thing that happened was a few nights ago.  I was preparing an online test for continuing education based upon 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction and as I read through it to gather test questions, I was quite impressed with the book.  It really does offer great insight into how addiction and recovery work.  It’s everything about which I’m always teaching. At the risk of sounding “infomercially,” I really do think it’s equivalent to about ten (10) therapy sessions.

At any rate, these two (2) things have made me believe, with NO DOUBT, that 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction is a NECESSARY tool for ANYONE dealing with addiction, either their own or someone else’s.  I really do hope it finds you and becomes a tool that, if used, will improve your life! To purchase — click here: 49 Tips and Insights