Guitar therapy works for me!

EVH Wofie

I woke up this morning with what felt like an angry beehive buzzing in my mind.  Hopes, plans, and dreams collided in my head making it impossible for me to hold a single thought long enough to get it on paper.

  • I awoke with hopes that those who abuse substances will see the harm the substance creates and turn away from their substance of abuse.
  • I awoke with plans to make the readings and presentations I give provide whatever audience I’m with my best such that we share valuable time.
  • I awoke with dreams that Journey to Aztlan will finds its target and provide inspiration and hope to as many people as is humanly possible.

When these bees buzz, they infiltrate my soul and disturb the morning’s calm that I prefer.  Without a doubt, I needed to regain my focus and I knew what I needed to do.

I opened the case to my Wolfgang and caressed its neck.  I love the way the maple fingerboard smells; it’s like lavender, only without the allergies.  I plugged it into my computer’s guitar interface and let loose the bees.

The sounds pouring from my fingers through the mess of cables reached the very depths of my disturbed soul.  As though by magic, the wavy lake transformed into a sheet of glass reflecting all that’s good and strong and beautiful.  I could hear chaotic bees become lush harmonics piled on top of soothing primary tones.  The angry beehive was gone, leaving my focus in its wake: I can now focus and write without distraction.

I recorded this morning’s session and am sharing it below.  Perhaps you will hear the soothing sounds and find peace heading into a week that may be busy and somewhat chaotic.  Perhaps you can find your own way to calm the angry beehive with which you may be presented – guitar therapy works for me – and I can promise that the beehive will provide great creative energy if you allow it flow and don’t try to make it go away….