Playing the guitar opens doors

I started blogging about a little over a year ago with the intention of providing free continuing education (CE) to therapists, counselors, and social workers. And, while very few have actually taken up my offer of free CE, my blog will still be a resource for CE credits. However, I’ve learned a lot about my place on this planet and so will explore more topics than addiction treatment and leadership.

Part of the problem I’ve run into is that I think I’m starting to repeat myself, which to me is an indication of a rutted mind. Once I realized that I am in a creative rut, I did what I always do: Picked up my guitar to woodshed new chords or songs or riffs. Most often, practicing guitar opens other doors in my mind. Those mental then lead to creativitiy flowing and, while I will still write about pertinent issues concerning addiction and recovery, I am also going to write and post more about the mechanics of guitar playing.

Also, I have written a new manuscript called, 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction. Since I heard myself repeating the same things about recovery, I figured I should get those things on paper and send them into the world. That way, I can have a single source from which I can teach and not have to reinvent the wheel for every course or lecture I deliver.

Things change and I want to keep myself interested and challenged and spending more time with the third great love of my life (after my wife and son) will do just that. My blog will still be a place for CE, but I am going to approach it more holistically than I have during this last year. But, as always, if any counselor, therapist, or social worker would like free CEs, please just ask and you shall receive.